The Bay Area Dairy Industry part two: Organic vs. Conventional

bianchiniranchThis was Crosscurrent’s top story on 5/28.

A group of California dairymen is asking dairies across the country to reduce their output by 5 percent in an attempt to boost sagging milk prices. More than 200 dairy producers and processor representatives met in Tulare, last week, in an attempt to minimize the losses they’ve been enduring. Dairy producers nationwide have been struggling for months, losing $5 on every hundred pounds of milk they sell. While California’s conventional dairies have been on a milk price rollercoaster this year, the organic dairies have had a smoother ride. But the bottom line isn’t the only thing organic dairies have to worry about. KALW’s Molly Samuel looks into what it takes to go organic and if it really pays.


A San Francisco Chef Takes His Restaurant on the Road

This story aired today on KALW’s Crosscurrents. I’ll get a slideshow featuring pictures by Harry Gregory up here soon.

Food prices are high, and consumer spending is down. That’s a bad combination for restaurants. But as some struggle to meet the bottom line, others are trying a different approach. Self-taught chef Eskender Aseged brings his traveling restaurant to cafes around the Bay Area so he doesn’t have to pay rent. He grows some of the food himself. And by welcoming friends and neighbors to his table, he’s built up a loyal following without having to advertise.