Climate Change Speeds Up Loss of Historic Artifacts

Rising seas from warming oceans are generally seen as a threat to the future. But archaeologists are realizing that they also threaten the past. Coastal erosion is destroying Native American sites, including graves and places where people once cooked and camped.

This aired on The California Report on July 30, 2012, with an accompanying blog post on the Climate Watch blog.


Clear Lake Provides Clues to Future Climate

State and local officials are under increasing pressure to plan for the changes that California will see in the decades ahead with its shifting climate. They need answers about what those changes will look like and mean for the state. Scientists are searching for those answers on several fronts, from marshes to mountaintops, to the bottom of California’s oldest lake.

This aired on The California Report on May 4, 2012, with an accompanying blog post and video on the Climate Watch blog.

San Francisco’s Jewish Theatre Prepares to Close

(L to R) Melissa Quine, Galen Murphy-Hoffman, David Mendelsohn, and Cassidy Brown in TJT's production of In the Maze of Our Own Lives; photo by Ken Friedman.

The Jewish Theatre in San Francisco is closing at the end of its current season. In its 34 years, the company has produced original plays and reproductions ranging from works inspired by Yiddish poetry and Biblical traditions, to plays about the experiences of German Jews between the world wars, and the conflict in the Middle East.

KALW’s Molly Samuel went to see the play that opens The Jewish Theatre’s final act. It’s a Depressionera story that resonates with the economic reality the theater and many other arts organizations are facing today.

This aired on Crosscurrents on 11/10/11.

Lawmakers Take a Closer Look at Shuttering State Parks

Mono Lake

In the thick of the latest budget crisis, the state Department of Parks and Recreation has been told to cut $22 million over two fiscal years, and it’s planning to do that by closing 70 parks. Now legislators are debating which parks will feel the blow.

This aired on The California Report on 11/2/11.

Unlocking the legacy of Houdini

Harry Houdini, full-length portrait, standing, facing front, in chains, c. 1899. Library of Congress. McManus-Young Collection.

A new exhibition at the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco explores the life and legacy of the great escape artist.

Reported with Seth Samuel, aired on Crosscurrents on 10/31/11.